History Of Orgin

“Nature conceals its true potential only to get discovered by man.
This is where the saga started”

Balakrishnan, founder, and managing director of Nova production units, Banova personal care Pvt Ltd was born in 1967. In Cherukulathur, Kozhikode of Kerala,India, a beautiful village known as the first complete voluntary organ donors village in India. Its inhabitants have taken a pledge that they will donate their organs after death, an honorable deed that demands massive appreciation. Hestarted “the origin” in the year 2010 with a capital of rupees 10 lakhs, the privately held company counts Mr. Balakrishnan as a key investor. At present nova production units as well as Benova personal care Pvt Ltd have…. outlets in India and overseas. Currently, this company produces 36 esteem herbal products for skincare and generates 5 to 8 cr in revenue.
He worked as an employee in a reputed company in UAE in his early life. He came back to his motherland Kerala, a place is known for its ayurvedic and herbaltreatments.

He started the second phase of his life as a local soap manufacturer in a small garage adjacent to his home. Initially, he made washing soaps which didn’t do well in the market. It was in the year 2015 he had his biggest turning point in his life aswell as in his business, which is his golden idea to create a complete herbal soap with zero toxic substance in it. The idea was quite challenging and Balakrishnan knew that he is getting into a market where he will directly face giant companies as his competitors but he knows the fact that the world needs a product with zero toxic substances. Balakrishnan was aware of the fact that Kerala is the place where there are many plants and plant products which are widely been used for skincare for centuries. The only problem is that the users have to collect different plants and mix them in the correct quantity and order which is difficult and time-consuming. This is where Balakrishnan used his genius. The support and help from some well-wishers and friends and his knowledge of traditional plants which were known for their medicinal and cosmetic property forced him to conduct various experiments on traditional plants, the plants which had its reputation for caring skins for
centuries. He engaged in full-time research about various herbal plants and consulted several people who are experts in Ayurveda medicine Mr Balakrishnan was able to gain vital information regarding different types of plants like turmeric, thulasi, neem virgin coconut, etc. He analyzed various plants and their ability to do wonders to the skin without creating any side effects astonished him.

Later he extended his hands-on further in research on creating the world’s best soap with 100 % herbal ingredients. Collecting the right plants and extracting their necessary essential components was a hectic task but Balakrishna was not the kind of person who backs out so easily he was ready to put his wholehearted effort into making the world’s best soap. The Clock went in full circles for days, months, and even for some years. Finally, he touched his sweaty feet on the hill of success.

At last, he discovered nature’s true hidden ingredients that nurture the skin. Here
he discovered the secret formula for the world’s best soap!


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