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The most significant sense organ in our body is the skin, which is also known as
the organ of touch. Having good skin is an indicator of having a healthy body. In
many respects, your skin is unique; having radiant, clearer, healthier, younger, and
fresher skin is important for maintaining your confidence, attracting others’
attention, and boosting your self-esteem. If only all of this could be accomplished
without the use of any hazardous ingredients in the skin care products you use! In
today’s world, that is a true blessing.
Since the beginning of time, medicinal plants have been utilised to treat various
ailments. The relationship between man and his search for natural remedies dates
back thousands of years. For millennia, India, a region recognised for its biological
diversity, particularly sacred herbal plants, has used herbal medicine to cure and
mend disease and skin concerns. In the year 2008, Balakrishnan, the founder and
Managing Director of Nova Production Units and Banova Personal Care Pvt Ltd,
got these two notions in his head while working for a UAE-based firm. It took him
another two years to come up with the brilliant idea of creating a bathing soap
composed entirely of herbal plant ingredients.
Balakrishnan had to labour for another 5 years in order to turn his idea into a
reality. Finally, he devised a soap recipe based on the best that nature had to offer.
It’s very quite very easy to dream of becoming an entrepreneur, when you start
working for it then you will understand how difficult it is. Years of working in a
company were never a satisfying profession for Balakrishnan. He knew that he
could do big in his life. When it was sure his experience in the working field was
more than enough to start a small scale business, he made up his mind to get into
the field of business.
In the year 2010, he began the second part of his life as a local soap producer in a
tiny garage next to his home. He started off making washing soaps, but they didn’t
sell well. He experienced his largest turning point in his life and career in 2015,
when he came up with the brilliant concept to develop a whole herbal soap with no
hazardous ingredients. The concept was tough, and Balakrishnan recognised that he
was entering a field where he would be competing directly with large corporations,
but he also saw that the world required a product that included no hazardous
ingredients. Balakrishnan was well aware that Kerala is home to a plethora of
plants and plant products that have been widely utilised for skincare for
generations. The main issue is that users must gather various plants and combine
them in the proper quantity and sequence, which is tough and time consuming.
This is where Balakrishnan’s brilliance was put to good use. His knowledge of
traditional plants recognised for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties, as well
as the backing and assistance of certain well-wishers and friends drove him to do
numerous tests on traditional plants, the plants that had a reputation for caring for
skins for ages. He dedicated himself to full-time research on diverse herbal plants
and sought advice from several ayurvedic medicine professionals. Mr Balakrishnan
was able to learn about a variety of plants, including turmeric, thulasi, neem virgin
coconut, and others. He studied numerous plants and was astounded by their
capacity to heal the skin without causing any unwanted effects.
Later on, he focused his efforts on developing the world’s greatest soap made
entirely of herbal components. Collecting the correct plants and extracting their
key components was a time-consuming operation, but Balakrishna was not the
kind to give up lightly, and he was willing to put his all into manufacturing the
world’s greatest soap. For days, months, and even years, the Clock moved in full
circles. Finally, he put his hot feet on the crest of the victory hill. Finally, he
uncovered nature’s genuine secret skin-nourishing components. He found the secret
formula for world’s best herbal soap.
Mr Balakrishnan is a significant stakeholder in the privately owned firm “the
origin,” which he founded in 2010 with a capital of rupees ten lakhs. Nova
Producing Units and Benova Personal Care Pvt Ltd currently have…. outlets in
India. This firm now makes 36 esteem herbal skincare items and earns 5 to 8 crores
in income.


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